Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Pumpkin and A Princess

Our Little Pumpkin.

Our Little Princess: Snow White

The Cousins: A Fireman, A Builder, 2 Pumpkins, and Snow White.
Friday was Main Street Trick or Treat. Bammy and Papa handed out candy at the clinic and we took the kiddos to gather their loads of candy...there was LOTS more chocolate this year! Big bonus!! :-) The Pumpkins didn't venture outside either because it was so chilly!! Tonight looks a little nicer and we are headed out again to Trick or Treat! Fun times! I love Halloween when you have little kids to dress up. I love their excitement over little things.

Ellie wore this costume three years ago! Hard to believe it was that long ago.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009


1/2 a year old!

I sit up!

I holler and talk a lot. I have to try to keep up with my sister. :-)
I love to talk to my big sister! She is my favorite person...especially when she sings me songs and says, "Hi Esther, Hi Esther, Hi Esther, Hi big girl!" in a funny voice.

I love my walker.

I sleep great.

Rolling over...well I can from my tummy to my back, and finally yesterday I rolled from my back to my tummy. I am just so content to watch Ellie...why roll over? :-)

My hair stands straight needs a little body. :-) It is still dark...we will see if it stays that way.

I do take a bottle...ONLY a Nuk! Don't try anything else or I will throw a fit! I haven't had rice cereal yet. Mom is lazy. We have it in the cupboard...just waiting for me. I am still content with just milk so Mom isn't in a rush.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

She Moved Out!

This morning Ellie informed me she had moved out of her bedroom. She had a new home. It isn't far and she didn't move out because she was mad at us. :-)
After unloading her bookshelf she discovered she fit inside. What a great little place to "live". :-)

She took "naps" all morning, had me tuck her in a few times and made sure she had "clean ice" (a sippy cup with ice water-her nightly ritual). She also wanted to shut Esther in her new room, but I told her she was so little that is might scare her so she just got to try it out with the doors open. She seemed to enjoy the bookshelf, we even gave her a little pillow. :-)


In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips. ~Author Unknown

The Pumpkin Patch

Last year we took Ellie to Walter's Pumpkin Patch. She has been talking about it ever since and Bill told her once the weather got colder we would go again. We made the trip this last Saturday. Aunt Ivy was home so she went with us! It was so great to see her.

Here was our effort to get a great family picture! :-) Esther really is under the blanket. Ellie was here it is. :-)

8 seconds! She may be a natural. :-) Haha.
Hay bale slide. Great fun.

Pumpkin trampoline. Ellie is not exactly adventurous, so Bill had to hold her.

Ellie and her favorite person, Aunt Ivy.

I absolutely want one of these. They are so much fun. I just didn't get to ride because I had Esther in the snugli and she was sleeping...bummer!


Esther enjoyed being outside even though it was a little chilly.

The corn maze...just a little muddy, but we made it out!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

We Are Thankful

Thank you all for your prayers. Devan is doing much better. He is off his morphine and has had a bowel movement and his urine has cleared up so now he can begin eating and drinking again. He is recovering well.

Friday night we arrived in Kansas City about 8:30. They had just taken Devan for exploratory surgery. When they got a look inside his little body they found he had a Meckel's Diverticulum, a congenital disorder of the intestine. It had become infected and burst. They were able to clean him out and take care of the problem. He is supposed to be in the hospital until Wednesday on IV antibiotics.

We are thankful they caught this and were able to take care of it quickly. Thanks for your prayers.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Please Pray

Our nephew, Devan, was admitted to the hospital this morning after having stomach pain. After some diagnostic studies they found his right kidney is not working. He is being transferred to Children's Mercy in Kansas City today. Please pray for him and his parents, Chuck and Jennifer, and siblings, Valerie, Jared and Andrew. He turns 2 in a couple weeks.

Pray for the doctor's that will treat him and that he will recover quickly from whatever is causing this problem. We know this is in the Lord's hands and trust that His will is done. Pray for us as we travel up to be with them and pray for us as we go to the hospital with lots of sick kids. It will be hard. Thankfully our girls will be able to stay with some friends there while we go up to the hospital...thanks Brent and Whitney.

Thank you for your prayers.