Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3 Years!

Ellie's 3rd Birthday was this week! It is hard to believe that 3 years ago we first became parents. In some ways time has flown, but in other ways it seems like she has been a part of our lives forever. We are thankful for each day the Lord gives us with her and for the opportunity to be her parents. She has taught us so much about our relationship, our personal relationship with our Heavenly Father and many other things. Our most joyful moment with her was about a month ago one evening before bed. She had been having a really hard time with Cora being in Heaven and missing her. Her emotions were crazy. I was completely unsure what to do with her. I knew girls were emotional in middle and high school, but now already??? AHH! On this day she had been very sad about Cora. We had been reading Bible stories from one of her favorite Bible story books and at then end is a picture of a silhouette of Jesus in Heaven holding the hands of two children. Since Cora went to see Jesus Ellie has always said, "There is Cora with Jesus. She doesn't feel sick anymore." That night when she saw that picture she said, "Can God be my Savior too?" I was so excited! My heart jumped. I told her He could and He WANTS to be her Savior. She asked Him to forgive her sins and be her Savior right there. I wasn't completely sure if she knew what she was doing, but the next day she said, "Did you know Jesus is my Savior and someday I can go to Heaven." Then she asked our nephews, "Is Jesus your Savior? He is mine and I am going to Heaven someday." We pray she continues to grow in her relationship with Jesus and praise the Lord for "child-like faith."

Three years flies by!

Three days old...Three years old

We started out the day with Addison and Bammy (grandma) at Drubers for donuts! :-) They both had donut holes.

Then we made our way to Dillons to get a few last-minute things for her party that night. She told me since she was 3 that she needed to drive the car cart with Esther "sitting in the back area". It was such a peaceful and easy trip to the store with her driving the cart. :-)

We got home the night before her birthday at 10 pm from vaction. I decided it that it would be easier to assemble and decorate the cake without help. I had visions of it being much more decorated, but at 2 am I decided this would do. She loved it. :-)

Here is our little princess with her cousins. We had our whole family over. It was a wild and crazy time. Ellie requested corn dogs and mac and cheese for the menu! Nice and easy...of course we added to it to suit grown up tastes as well.

The kids table. :-)

So excited! I just love her personality.

Eating frosting is more fun than blowing out candles! :-)

She got to eat the top of the cake and then it was present time! She made a haul! Thanks for all the gifts everyone! She is LOVING them.

The princess dress was a huge hit! She has had it on all week...when she isn't wearing her princess jammies.

I failed to take any pictures of Ellie and Esther together on her birthday so here is one of their "morning rock" together the next morning. Ellie always goes and checks to see if Esther is awake and then asks me to put her in the rocking chair with her. So fun! :-)

We love you Ellie and pray for you many times each day. We pray that you follow the Lord with all your heart all your days!

Friday, August 14, 2009

An Early Birthday Celebration

Aunt Ivy (my younger sister) headed to college this week! Ellie's birthday is just around the corner so Ellie invited her over for an Early Birthday Sleepover! We made princess cupcakes to celebrate.

Ellie helped "read the gredients" and tell me how to make the cupcakes. She even cracked the eggs...with only one ending up on the floor. :-)

Ivy gave Ellie a Princess package with folders, a spiral notebook (which Ellie calls her Princess Bible Study Book), pencils, a pencil sharpener and "wallet" (aka pencil holder). Ellie loves it! Thanks Ivy!

Ivy helped us decorate the cupcakes. Ellie thought they were beautiful! (I love the big open-mouth pictures! Ellie tries to be like Ivy in every way...including big smiles in pictures.)

Bedtime...Ivy read Bible stories to Ellie. Ellie loved it! She is going to miss Ivy SO MUCH!

Esther slept through the birthday celebration so she got to see Ivy the next morning.
I can't believe how fast she is growing. As Ellie says, "She isn't as big as me yet, Mom, and I am not as huge as you yet." :-)