Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two Months

Esther Marie turned 2 months old this week! She is such a precious little girl and we are so thankful the Lord has entrusted her to us. She is growing so fast...she weighed 12 lbs 11 oz at her 2 month check and was 24.5 inches long. Ellie loves playing with her little sister, but has started experimenting with her...catapulting her in her bouncy seat, laying on top of her, setting her up in the bouncy seat, trying to feed her Ritz crackers. Thankfully, Esther has survived and is doing great. Actually, several times Ellie has been doing dangerous things Esther just smiles really big at her. Guess kids are more resilient than we think!

Esther also got to meet Uncle James this week. We went to the airport late Tuesday night...well actually Wednesday morning...and met him there. Ellie ran to meet him. She has been looking forward to him coming home for a long time. Welcome home, James!

Slumber Party

Last Friday night Ellie, Henry and Harrison had their first ever Birthday Slumber Party for Henry's 4th birthday. When we arrived at Leah and Ben's Ellie ran inside, beside herself with excitement and asked Henry if this was "The Slumber Party." He replied, "Yeah, we get popcorn and everything." :-) I love how little things always amuse them.

The evening started with playing outside. It was so funny to watch the kids run and chase each other and Henry and Harrison wrestle. Ellie isn't too sure about least when she is the one being tackled. :-) Aunt Ivy came too and made brownies with them and even brought cool icecream shaped bowls and spoons to use with their brownie sundaes. Then they got to watch Henry's new Charlotte's Webb movie. The next day they were supposed to go to the water park in Emporia, but it rained...bummer. We got to go on Sunday instead, but I forgot my camera so no pictures of that day...ooops. All the kids loved the big yellow slide!

Esther slept through most of the evening.

Thanks for the great party, Leah! The kids had a great time.