Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Brush With The Law

Last Friday my sister and I loaded our 5 kids up in the van and traveled to meet two of our cousins and their kids for lunch. We both had to drive a little distance, but we decided it would be a fun little day trip. After a gourmet lunch at Sonic we went to the park and the kids played for a couple hours until they were all hot, sweaty and stinky and the littlest ones were laying in the dirt nearly falling asleep from exhaustion. At this point we decided we should load up the vans and part ways.

On our trek home we stopped in Manhattan to do a little shopping and then headed back to my sister's house. When we went through Council Grove we noticed that there was a nursery/greenhouse distribution center that had loads of mums and other beautiful fall flowers. My garden-savy sister also noticed a heap of mums that had been dumped out in front of the greenhouse. Other than the fact that they had been dumped in a huge heap, they looked great! We drove past and then decided maybe we should go back and get some. Leah got out and went up to the front door of the office. Knock, one answered. We looked around, but we saw no one to ask if we could have some. We taking trash stealing?? Should we just take a few?? Afterall, they are just trash. Some of them are dying. They are obviously not going to be used. So...we talked ourselves into taking some.

After we loaded up some grocery bags with several mums we started to get back in the van, which housed two SCREAMING babies and 3 kids in the back seat watching Cars. As we opened the side doors we noticed an unwanted visitor entering the parking lot...WHAT??? The POLICE? You have got to be kidding me! I told Leah to get in...dumb away from the police...not sure how to Honda Odyssey would do. :-) Ok, I wasn't thinking straight and we were freaked out! My first misdemeanor. It would be in the paper! AHH!

Leah, being the older and more mature sister, walked up to the police car with her bag full of STOLEN MUMS! He said, "Caught ya!" and sort of laughed. She said, "If we aren't supposed to take them we can put them back." He just laughed...mean cop! Trying to scare us! :-) He told us we weren't the first people to stop and take some and that his wife had actually sent him to get some too! Whew!!!

Nothing like a little adrenaline! Makes something fun to laugh about, but I don't think I will hunt for free things in trash piles anymore! :-)